I've worked with a lot of talented people over the years. I'm glad they enjoyed working with me too.

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"Marianne's skills in leadership and strategic planning were evident throughout the project. She knows how to bring people together and build consensus within a group; she is articulate, a great communicator ... and her logic is always sound. I highly recommend her."
                                                                             John Timmer, Senior Vice President, First National Bank of

"Marianne Griebler's LinkedIn profile sets the gold standard for the platform. She's a two-time member of the LinkedIn Top Voices club, and with good reason. Her LinkedIn profile is polished yet original, and she produces high-quality articles. Like everything else she writes, Marianne’s LinkedIn summary is top-notch."

"Through both a workshop and follow-up coaching, Marianne offered key steps to practice, write and speak about my work toward developing on-line visibility. Working with her one-on-one boosted my confidence and clarity to move forward on a new path."          
                                                                            Kathleen Giese Skoller, Educator and Forest Therapy Guide          

"Marianne is a professional, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. She does her homework in advance to be she can deliver a pitch-perfect presentation for your audience. You will be thrilled by any collaboration with her."
                                                                             Beth Buelow, The Introvert Entrepreneur

"Marianne provided a wonderfully useful presentation for our group on how to use the modern PR tools to get free and effective publicity. She helped us focus on how we experience and recognize good service, and how to inspire others to share their positive experiences about working with us. Marianne spoke with clarity and enthusiasm, and illustrated her points with good, inviting stories."
                                                                             Lisa Campell, Director, Willow Wellness Center

"We received much more than we expected from Marianne and her team on our key messaging and branding strategy. They were able to merge the root energy that has been the core of our organization's longevity in the community with the innovative visioning that drives us today. This was not an easy task. Our identity has been embedded in the local community for more than a half century. Marianne and the team helped us to move forward into the next half century without forcing us to abandon our history. They did this through respectful listening, understanding, and creativity."
                                                                          Shana Wills, Development Director, LSNA

"Marianne gets to know your company's mission, vision, and story and beautifully finds a way to give your company a unique voice. Through every show we did, she took time to talk with me about the thrust of the story and the social importance of the piece, then delivered exciting and eye-catching copy that we used to promote our theater; I especially appreciated her persistence and eloquence when enticing reviewers to see our shows. She strove to create the most authentic voice for our company to market to the world, and I cannot recommend her work enough."
                                                                          Will Crouse, Artistic Director, The Poor Theatre

“I am the director for a million-dollar Lily grant project focused on reducing student debt at our $60 million dollar theological education system. The piece of work that was most important, and which was also most complex, was expanding the circle of those who are willing to support this project.  Marianne was essential in guiding me and my team in the process of gathering information and engaging partners in crafting messages for our campaign and developing a strategy involving those messages. She was a coach, teacher and flexible partner able to help us make necessary adjustments along the way.”
                                                                            Jonathan Strandjord, ELCA

"I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Marianne ... as a consultant on my successful job search. And as much good advice and counsel that she gives, Marianne conversely enjoys her work mentoring and motivating people to reach their full potential. I highly recommend Marianne’s consultation services – her enthusiasm and passion, along with her knowledge and talent for digital marketing, communications and branding, can benefit any individual or organization wishing to reach the next level."
                                                                            Cindy Novak, Marklund

"Telling the story of one's organization is crucial these days! If we can't tell our story well, it's hard to get others to notice us and the work we're doing. I always had complete confidence that Marianne would know how to build an idea into content that built deep connections, helped us achieve our goals (fundraising among others) and told an engaging story with local interest and global significance."
                                                                           Richard Bruesehoff, Director, Portico Benefit Services

"WOW! I thought that you did such a marvelous job of transforming my thoughts and recollections into a story and journey.  Thanks a lot for doing such great work!"
                                                                           Gary Presto, University of Massachusetts Boston,
Gerontology Studies Program

"I could always count on Marianne to integrate my our varied communication needs into a vision that captured the whole of what we were trying to accomplish and to deliver quality and well-timed materials in any platform."
                                                                             Twila Schock, Senior Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

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