LinkedIn is affordable, easy to use -- and your most valuable tool for creating an engaging personal brand and a strong network. Let me put LinkedIn to work for you!

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LinkedIn has twice named me a Top Voice for Marketing and Social Media. (Really humbling, given all the great competition and the millions of people who use the site.)

But why should LinkedIn matter to you? No matter where you are in your career, your LinkedIn profile can be a living document that showcases what you're achieving, all with an eye to the next step. It's the equivalent of your online business card, available in a moment to anyone interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

I can help you create a powerhouse profile that shares your successes and lets your reader know how they'll benefit from a relationship with you -- with a laser focus on the goals you want to achieve.

Choose from one of the packages below. Or if you're not sure, let's schedule a short call to talk about your options.

You want me to review your existing LinkedIn profile and make suggestions.

That's easy. We'll set up 60-minute call and I'll share tips to strengthen your profile and add professional polish.


You want to revise or create your LinkedIn profile.

You'd like some guidance from me, so your profile can really reflect the best you have to offer.

I'll give you two homework assignments to get you thinking about your goals, and identify the skills and accomplishments you want to highlight. We'll schedule a 60-minute call to review your profile (if you have one) or talk about building one from the ground up (if you don't have one yet). At the end of our call you'll have a solid strategy for creating a profile that reflects the best you have to offer and helps you achieve your goals.


Follow-up consultations are $100/hour or $25 for 15-minute segments.

You want me to write your LinkedIn profile.

with your input, of course, because you're the expert on your career.

All it takes is some homework on your part, plus two 60-minute phone calls with me, and I'll create a profile that reflects the best you have to offer. You'll come across as both highly professional and human, making you irresistible to an employer, customer or donor.

You'll also receive my tips for protecting your data and your privacy on LinkedIn and how to keep your profile fresh and relevant. Let's get started!


Follow-up consultations are $100/hour or $25 for 15-minute segments.

You're not sure what you need, but you could use a little advice.

Let's schedule a 15-minute call to find out which option makes the most sense for you.