I was delighted to join Beth Buelow on The Introvert Entrepreneur podcast! Beth is one of my real-life heroes. She's developed a brand identity that's so consistent with who she is as a person. And she's carefully chosen words that beautifully describes the experience of being one of her clients.

Thanks for listening to our conversation! Please reach out if I can answer any questions about what you heard or expand on a thought that caught your attention. And I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn too. (Let me know you heard me on Beth's show when you send your invitation.)


On the podcast I talked about the value of LinkedIn as free promotion for your business. It's an exciting opportunity to introduce yourself to potential connections, talk about what you have to offer and suggest what it feels like to work with you.

The most important sections of your profile are the headline and the summary ... and the most overlooked.

  1. The headline should not be your job title or role; you're so much bigger and more valuable than that. Ideally, this is your front-and-center, say-it-loud-and-proud benefit statement.
  2. The summary shouldn't regurgitate your resume; it should offer the story of your career and the value you bring ... all flavored with a bit of your personality.

Digging into these worksheets will help you really stand out on LinkedIn by highlighting what's uniquely you.

LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn Summary


How do we know if our branding is staying in alignment with our values and goals? How do you know if the messages you've created are resonating with your customers and clients? By committing to ongoing research.

This is also how we're more confident that our marketing channels are the right places to push out messages to reach our audience.

As a general rule, we introverts are good at listening, asking questions and being curious. These actions are the foundation for research that occurs naturally during the lifetime of a customer/client relationship.

  1. When a potential client or customer reaches out to you, always ask: "How did you find me?" "What prompted you to reach out?"
  2. As your relationship develops, but before your collaboration ends, ask: "Do you use any social media platforms to connect with others in your field or to learn about important updates? If so, which ones?" 
  3. Prior to your last point of contact or delivery of your service, do one of both of the following:
    1. Ask for a written testimonial to use on your website or request one through LinkedIn. Ask for a review on Yelp or other rating platform if appropriate. (A small incentive can be useful for the last one.)
    2. Use a version of these three questions to capture a general sense of their experience. Very important: Keeping the questions short, sweet and conversational improves the chances they'll be answered!
      Don't wait to share this form until you've shaken hands and parted. Often that's too late.